Best Desserts – 2018 in Review

Extra Pack of Peanuts Podcast #351 Best Desserts 2018 in Review

We return with Part 6 of 7 in our Year in Review Series

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We love desserts, anything from ice cream to pastries, peppermint bark to doughnuts…it all tastes amazing.

Everyone loves desserts, so we know you’re not skipping this episode!

Today Heather and I go through our top 7 desserts (14 total plus 1b from me) from 2018, from hometown to widely available to cities around the world, if it’s delicious, it’s on the list!

What was your favorite dessert of 2018? Do you know the scoop on the food trucks in the Congdon’s Doughnuts parking lot at night? Let us know @ExtraPackofPeanuts!

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In This Episode


  • 05:35 Honorable Mentions
  • 07:05 The list begins
  • 08:40 Keeping It In The Family
  • 10:05 Taking It Overseas
  • 13:35 Sweet Local Tastes
  • 14:35 America’s Best Doughnuts
  • 18:50 Loving This Repeat
  • 20:30 Great Minds Think Alike
  • 27:10 Bringing It Back
  • 32:25 #1A and #1B – Breaking The Rules


Multi Locations


  • Julie’s Peppermint Bark


British Columbia





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