We return with Part 6 of 8 in our Year in Review Series

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2017 was the year we turned into beer snobs.

Well, the year Travis did anyway.

Listen to hear our best Beer experiences of 2017, Trav has quite a few! Including one where you’re just not going to believe his luck, how do things like this just happen to him all the time?!

What were your best beer experiences in 2017? Where do we absolutely need to go? Let us know @ExtraPackofPeanuts!

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In This Episode

  • 03:52 How we turned into Beer Snobs
  • 07:00 Honorable mentions
  • 09:07 The list begins
  • 12:02 Irish Craft Beer
  • 20:00 Some local love
  • 31:00 The best beer & ice cream bang bang
  • 45:09 Trav is seriously the luckiest person in the world


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