Starting a College From Scratch with Michelle Jones of Wayfinding Academy

After years of being a college professor, Michelle Jones had an epiphany.  What if the current educational system WASN’T the best way for students to learn?

And what if she could start her own college?

A crazy thought – but one that eventually lead to her doing just that and becoming one of the very few people in this world who have started their own college from scratch!

In today’s episode, Michelle talks about the journey of creating her own college, who the Wayfinding Academy is a good fit for, why it’s not just inside the classroom where students learn at Wayfinding, and her biggest travel mishap, which happened on the very first night of the very first Wayfinding trip!

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In This Episode


    • 4:33 – What is the Wayfinding Academy
    • 10:15 – How Michelle fast-tracked opening her own college
    • 16:13 – Who is a good fit for the Wayfinding Academy?
    • 19:20 – The oldest student at Wayfinding is how old????
    • 34:15 – What Wayfinding asks for instead of GPA and SAT scores
    • 37:00 – What type of classes are offered.
    • 49:30 – How the “normal” academic world has reacted to Wayfinding.
    • 1:01:35 – Michelle’s huge mishap on the first day of the first Wayfinding trip

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