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Creating Insatiable Wanderlust Since 2013

Every Tuesday Trav and Heather fill your heart with wanderlust and your head with knowledge.

Sometimes we’ll interview amazing travelers, like the guy who went around France on a little red scooter or the guy who spent 5 years going to every country in Africa (and climbing the tallest peak in each). Sometimes we’ll give you practical advice, like our 47 best gifts for travelers or 21 ways to survive a long haul flight. Sometimes we’ll drop some lists on ya (we love lists!) like our top 10 ice cream in the world or our top 25 breweries. And sometimes we’ll tell you all the best things to do at a specific destination, like the best seafood in Croatia or where to eat pizza in Rome.

But we’ll always have fun, always get (probably too) excited, and always say the word boutique wrong.

Recent Episodes

Lights, Camera, Switzerland Recap Show, Part 1

Lights, Camera, Switzerland Recap Show, Part 1

Heather and I are back from a whirlwind trip through Switzerland filming a television special that you helped us win! Tune in to hear about the crazy adventure you sent us on; there are impromptu yodeling lessons, charismatic locals, and so much more!

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