9 years ago Sherry Ott did something terrifying.

She quit her job to travel the world for a year.

Her career break turned into a life based around travel and expertise in how to take career breaks successfully in the United States.

Lots of advice out there on career breaks come from Australia, or the UK, where things like this are very common. But here in the USA, it’s not such an easy task.

Unless of course, Sherry’s helping you out!

Today we discuss how Sherry got the bug for travel, how her planned one year turned into 9, and about the correct way to make a gin & tonic. Apparently it’s a very specific process!

This is part 1 of a two-part interview. Check back on Thursday for the rest of our interview where we go more in-depth on the strategies of taking a career break and a great travel mishap!

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In This Episode:

  • 02:00 The right way to make a Gin & Tonic.
  • 06:25 Her travel schedule makes MINE look SLOW!
  • 08:30 Visiting the Russian Arctic
  • 11:00 How the 9-year journey began.
  • 15:25 Funny how we always think we’ll plug right back in
  • 21:36 What are you gonna do when you get back?
  • 25:54 What causes the most fear of travel for Sherry. It’s not what you think.
  • 28:15 What exactly IS a career break?
  • 32:28 Starting a conversation with your employers

and much more!

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