Packing light

When planning a trip, most people get excited about the destination or the itinerary but feel overwhelmed when it comes to packing.

Here at EPoP, we have tried many different strategies for packing – me more than Trav, because he is much happier with much less – and it always comes down to packing light.

Packing less doesn’t have to be a death sentence for fashion.

Here are my tips to packing less and looking great while traveling.

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1. Neutral basics

This means grey, white, black and navy. This doesn’t mean you can’t pack colorful items – but it simply makes it easier to mix and match outfits if you have a neutral palette.

2. Minimal shapes

Jeans, button downs, wrap sweaters, slouchy pants, and basic dresses.

3. Pack a Punch

This is where you can add that color. Chose a colorful cardigan, sweater or scarf that you can easily throw over your basic pieces. I love the selection and the cause at Jacobs Scarves.

4. Accessories

My current favorite pieces to travel with are dainty necklaces. You can wear this every day for a polished look. I love everything from Layered and Long’s ETSY shop.

Also, I always bring a statement necklace, statement earrings, stud earrings, and a nice watch (silver or gold).

5. Shoes

This is the hardest part for me. I always pack too many shoes – even after agonizing over which ones to cut, I still end up with a number that makes zipping my pack or suitcase nearly impossible.

That being said, three pairs of shoes is sufficient (I guess).

A casual sneaker – such as these Nikes, these grey ones from New Balance or these navy New Balance from Amazon.

A flat walking shoeboot or sandal.

A dressy option – I love these from Zara and these wedges J.Crew (wedges are the most comfortable dressy option, especially for walking on cobblestone streets) .

A plastic flip flop – (for the beach or just in case your accommodation bathroom is not up to par) My favorites are Havaianas.

*See what I did, I even sneaked in an extra pair here!*

6. Outerwear

I try to pack something casual and something dressy.

My favorite picks are:

Utility jacket – for every day use in any country and any situation. It is the perfect jacket that always looks fashionable and put together. (Other options include this from H&M, a removable hood from Nordstrom, and these from Amazon).

A black blazer – this is perfect if you need a nice jacket for a night out and can transition into many different looks with a scarf or accessories. (Other options include this navy version from Zara, this black one from Zara, and this casual one from H&M).

Wool coat – this is only necessary if you are traveling during winter seasons. All other seasons you can layer sweaters under the utility jacket or the blazer.

A packable puffer coat – the compact puffer is great to throw in any bag if you think it’s necessary. Many companies make light, packable ones. I have this one from Land’s End. You can also layer it under your utility jacket.

7. Luggage

Main Bag

I go between using a backpack and a suitcase. Backpacks are great for Asia and South America where the travel is a bit harder and rolling a suitcase behind can be more difficult.

I love my Osprey Farpoint pack.

If we are traveling more slowly and in more developed areas (Europe, US, etc), I tend to pack in a suitcase.

Right now I am using a carry on size canvas Samsung, but it is looking slightly banged up and I would love to upgrade to a hard shelled case.

Tote Bag

If you have been following our travels through my Instagram, then you already know how much I love my Cuyana tote! It has held up perfectly over our last few trips and is well worth the splurge.

This is what I generally cram into my tote (which I use as my personal item along with my carryon luggage).

  • laptop
  • chargers
  • notebook and planner
  • kindle
  • passport
  • makeup
  • lotion
  • facial cleanser

8. Roll your items

If you pack your heavy items at the bottom (shoes and toiletries) and then roll all of your clothes on top, you can fit a lot more into your bag.

The Packing List

Pack in Carryon Longer

//H&M Jacket, J.Crew Blazer, DVF Scarf, Sunglasses, Earrings, Cuyana Tote//

//Topshop Top, Zara Striped Top, J.Crew Top, Topshop Draped Top, Topshop Lace Top//

//Jeans, White Jeans, Drapey Pants, Striped Romper, Zara Dress//

//New Balance Sneakers, Sam Edelman Boots, Zara Sandal, J.Crew Wedge//

//Madewell Shorts, Zara Shorts, Boyfriend Shorts, Statement Necklace//

//MK Watch, Necklace, Earrings, Bracelets, Statement Earrings, Clutch-Crossbody Bag//

Do you have trouble deciding what to pack? What are your packing tricks?

We’d love to hear from you! Leave comments below.

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