Packing Guide: Women

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If you’ve ever wondered how you could travel with just a carry-on, Heather’s here to show you the way! If she can do it, anyone can!

She’s broken it down into sections, and any products mentioned specifically can be four below in the links section! Time to get out your packing list and start comparing!

What would you cut or add to Heather’s list? Let me know @PackofPeanuts!!

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In This Episode


  • 05:54 The most important thing you can do when you pack!
  • 09:12 The Tops
  • 11:33 The Bottoms
  • 13:16 Comfort Clothes
  • 14:42 The First Thing to Cut
  • 15:50 Shoes
  • 17:00 Winter
  • 19:57 Items on the Plane
  • 22:02 Beauty
  • 23:00 The Inside of the Tote Bag


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  1. Marilyn B says:

    Thanks for sharing your list and tips. I do a lot of what you do already. The biggest challenge is that I am late 60’s and some styles aren’t the most flattering for my body type and my feet.

    My favorite outwear is a microfiber or similar fabric anorak with a removable lining and sometimes also with a removable hood. I have had 3 over the years now. Basically 3 season coat and it works where the temps can vary. I’ve layered with long sleeve turtleneck or shirt, and sweater, packable hat, scarf and gloves and been warm in below freezing temps. And I’ve taken out the liner and been comfy in warmer temps. Also, these tend to be about mid-thigh on me, so function as raincoat. And usually able to cinch in the waist for a bit of style.

    For anyone going to a tropical locale, I recommend Switchflops – I brought a pair to Hawaii with 3 different straps – different looks without multiple pairs of shoes.

    I bring basic black flats or sandals with a wide band across the forward part of the foot and dress them up with shoe clips (had a couple from way back in the eighties – lol). Clip on earrings can also work. Again, more looks with less pairs of shoes.

    Skechers Gowalks are another go to in warm weather – I’ve got the total black ones – go with everything, super light, squish down in suitcase and saved me over 10 days of Portuguese cobblestones!

    Happy Carryon Only Travels!

    1. Jennifer Barron says:

      Thanks tips, Marilyn. I’ve been looking for the type of coat/jacket/anorak you describe. Could you share the brand you use? Thank you.

  2. Jennifer Barron says:

    It would be helpful if this could be provided in a checklist format PDF. Also, I think Heather was going to provide links to dressy, flowy pants that were mentioned. Thanks!

    1. Trav says:

      @Jennifer Barron – Great suggestion. We are working on turning this in to full post, complete with PDF checklist, so look out for that in the near future.

      1. Elizabeth Thomas says:

        Hi – I came to look for a link to the dressy, flowy pants. I’m guessing it might not be linked now as it is almost a year later, but I thought I would ask…

  3. Tandi says:

    Hi –

    You mentioned a few other items that you were going to link – comfy slouchy pants, a leather tennis shoe, and a few other items – are you still going to link those?


  4. Kavya Prahlad says:

    I don’t see a link to any of the items…

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