Extra Pack of Peanuts Podcast 395 Freelancing Your Way To Non-Stop Affordable Travel w_ Anna Mazurek

Joining me today is someone whose freelance work has been featured in AFAR, Travel and Leisures and Rolling Stone, who has been to 51 countries on 6 continents and whose book “Good With Money:  A guide to prioritizing spending, maximizing savings and traveling more” shows how she has been able to travel nonstop for 10 years on an average income of $30,000, Anna Mazurek from TravelLikeAnna.com

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In This Episode

  • 05:33 Travel Is My Life
  • 10:55 Making Freelancing & Travel Work
  • 16:25 Freelancing, Money & Hustling
  • 24:10 Budget Breakdown For Full Time Travel
  • 28:25 Scale Of Travel
  • 31:10 Batching Work vs. Work/Travel Balance
  • 33:40 What Did You “Give Up” For This Life
  • 36:30 Prioritizing & Changed Ways
  • 40:50 Saving Money Tips & Tricks
  • 50:50 Favorite Places
  • 53:10 Travel Mishaps
  • 57:50 What’s Next in Travel & Work

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