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Being on the road is a learning experience.

You learn about yourself, about the world, and about your partner in potentially illegal border crossings.

For the past five years Heather and I have been location independent, and for a while, completely nomadic and we’ve had quite a few mishaps along the way.

We managed to narrow the list down to 32 lessons to share, though we could probably think of hundreds! Really, you should have seen the initial list.

What’s your biggest travel lesson? Share with us at @ExtraPackofPeanuts!!

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In This Episode

  • 06:00 Lesson #1
  • 11:00 The 10$ rule
  • 14:00 Give back
  • 16:00 If you’re safe? Say yes!
  • 20:00 Travel alone
  • 24:00 Keep track of your documents!
  • 27:00 Sometimes the charm just won’t cut it
  • 31:00 Balancing doing and experiencing
  • 37:00 Travel burnout
  • 47:00 Working with your travel partner


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