When you follow me on social media you might think that my travel was all delicious food, great beer, and amazing vistas.

You’d be wrong.

Those things do happen (quite a lot actually), but there are moments in between when things go just a touch sideways.

Those are the moments that you’ll remember forever.

Heather joins me today to talk about two of our worst travel mishaps; you’ve heard bits and pieces of the stories these past 73 episodes and it’s finally time to tell the whole story.

You’re sure to have a laugh, as we recount our time stuck in Singapore and getting our “Thailand tattoos”.

Make sure to leave your travel mishaps in the comments below, we shared ours, now it’s your turn!

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In This Episode:

  • Some of the worst places we’ve ever stayed.
  • A story of how far determination can get you sometimes.
  • The mysterious dot-matrix printed paper that got us on our flight.
  • The proof that I was right after all.
  • A laptop that was never meant to be.
  • Right-hand turn catastrophes.
  • Heather’s horrendous scooter accident.
  • What we take away from our travel mishaps.

and much more!

Links Discussed in This Episode:

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