Our Ultimate Packing List

Extra Pack Of Peanuts Podcast Our Ultimate Packing List

Are you an over-packer? Do you think there is no way that you can travel with only a carry on? Do you have no idea what you should be packing in the first place? Today, we are diving into our packing list and even giving you our checklist so that you can pack for anywhere in the world only using your carry-on luggage. We break down every single item we pack (regardless of how long the trip is) in the following categories; women’s, men’s, electronics/necessities, and infant/kids stuff and we are hoping that you will find it useful for your next trip. You can signup to get the full packing list at the brand new Extra Pack Of Peanuts website!

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In This Episode

  • 08:45 Women’s Packing List
  • 28:30 Men’s Packing List
  • 45:20 Electronics & Necessities Packing List
  • 57:00 Infant/Kids Packing List

Important Links

Women’s Packing List Links

Men’s Packing List Links

Electronics & Necessities

Kids’ Packing List

Additional Links

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EPoP 049: Pack Like a Pro- The Top 20 Travel Essentials


“Well, I’ll bring it just in case.”

“Am I REALLY going to need this?”

“What have I forgotten? I know I’ve got to be forgetting something!”

You’re about to leave home for a glorious vacation, but you’re stuck on one of the very last things you do before leaving:


What do I need? What should I pack?

While packing habits vary widely, there are some essential items that should go on every trip with you.

This week, a very special guest joins us to tell you the 20 essentials you need to pack for traveling, no matter where you’re heading next.

Let us know some of your travel essentials in the comments below!

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In This Episode:

  • Why we only pack in carry-ons (and how to do it).
  • The bags we carry (and how you can get a discount on one of them).
  • What electronic gadgets are great for travelers who need to work on the road.
  • What type of shoes are actually necessary.
  • Why ear plugs are necessary no matter what type of accommodation you have.
  • Medicines in other countries.

and much more!

Links Discussed in This Episode:

The 20 Essential Travel Items


Clothes (Women):

Clothes (Men)


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