Packing Guide: Men

Posted By Trav

My motto is, fewer, more high-quality items. I don’t pack a ton when we travel, but what I pack will last a long time!

I’m even trying to up my game in a couple of categories, so let me know if you have any suggestions!

If you haven’t heard already, make sure to check out our Packing Guide for Women as well!

Any recs for travel shirts or other items? Let me know @PackofPeanuts!!

Today’s episode has been sponsored by our friends at Tortuga Backpacks!

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In This Episode


  • 05:30 Some General Tips
  • 11:20 Shoes
  • 13:30 Underwear
  • 15:00 Shorts
  • 17:00 Pants
  • 20:00 Shirts
  • 24:00 The rest of it






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