Extra Pack of Peanuts podcast From An Office To An Adventure w/ Otto Ecroyd

Joining me today is someone who once tried to sail from Norway to France and failed, who decided to ride a bike 5,000 miles from Alaska to Mexico but didn’t know how to change a tire, and who has gotten lost, stuck, and confused in more countries than he can count, Otto Ecroyd, author of Northbound and Down

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In This Episode

  • 03:00 Learning On The Go
  • 04:05 Leveling Up & Where It All Started
  • 09:45 Wanting To Do It To Actually Doing it
  • 15:30 Alaska Adventure
  • 19:30 Falling Forward & Planning At The Same Time
  • 23:20 Am I Gonna Quit?
  • 27:55 Being So Remote 
  • 30:35 Differences & Similarities Between All The Locations
  • 35:55 Gear Used & Tossed Along The Way
  • 40:40 Timeframe & End Date
  • 44:25 The Longest Stretches
  • 46:30 Biggest Lessons Learned
  • 48:50 Post Trip Life
  • 55:50 No Rules Needed
  • 56:30 Learning About Writing & Publishing A Book
  • 59:30 Unexpected Highlights & Biggest Mishap


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