Extra Pack Of Peanuts Podcast Epic Trips & Micro-Adventures w/ Alastair Humphreys

Do you allow your lack of funds to dictate your travels or lack thereof? Are you looking for an epic adventure or are you more of a micro-adventurer? Today’s guest is someone whose accomplishments will make you feel slightly guilty you didn’t hit the gym yesterday since they include cycling around the world for 4 years, rowed across the Atlantic Ocean, pulled a 600-pound sled across the Empty Quarter desert & for good measure, completed an unsupported trek across Iceland by foot and pack-raft.

It’s no wonder that he was the 2012 National Geographic Traveler of the Year, and Geographic Magazine calls him “Slightly bonkers but this a wonderful thing”, Alastair Humphreys from AlastairHumphreys.com and author of 10 books, including the latest My Midsummer Morning.

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In This Episode

  • 05:45 Why Busk Through Spain Without Musical Talent
  • 09:15 Fears, Failing & No Funds
  • 17:00 Plan Of Action & Lessons Learned
  • 21:00 What Are The Rules Of Busking & Travel
  • 22:45 Funniest Reactions & Comments
  • 28:10 Biggest Memorable Moments
  • 31:13 Frustrations & Annoyances
  • 32:35 The Other Epic Trips & Micro-Adventures
  • 37:00 Adventurer, Father, & Middle-Aged Husband – Finding Balance
  • 43:10 The British Adventurers Crew & Old Man Grumbles
  • 46:00 Adventure Travel As A Job
  • 52:10 Micro-Adventure Ideas
  • 58:40 Travel Mishaps
  • 01:01:40 What’s Next

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