Extra Pack of Peanuts Podcast Around The World In 3 Years & Counting w: Mon & T  

Joining me today are two people I’ve spent uncountable nights singing karaoke with, who graciously played host when Heather and I got to experience a New Year’s Eve in Sydney, and who I’ve been living vicariously through the last year as they travel around on their 3-year Round the World Trip, my favorite kiwis in the whole world, Mon and T from GetHappy.today.

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In This Episode

  • 04:30 The Hidden Gem
  • 09:45 Planning The Big Trip & The Spreadsheet
  • 17:50 The Deciding Factor Of When To Leave
  • 22:05 Taking Things With Ease & Lessons From Travel
  • 25:40 Get Happy Today: Begin Your Journey To Happiness
  • 27:30 The Parallel Between Two Seemingly Different Things
  • 36:05 Budgeting For A Long Extended Trip
  • 48:45 Traveling During COVID
  • 55:00 Being “Stuck” In Barbados
  • 58:35 The Future Of Their Travels During COVID
  • 01:03:15 What’s It Like To Be Turned Away From A Country
  • 01:11:05 Trying To Get Into Slovenia
  • 01:14:30 Trying To Avoid Anymore Border Drama
  • 01:18:15 The Pillars Of The Travel Plan & What Will They Miss
  • 01:21:30 What Happens After The Trip?
  • 01:24:35 The Places They Want To Possibly Live
  • 01:33:40 The Vietnam Jeep Story


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