Extra Pack of Peanuts Podcast Around The World On 50 Bucks w/ Christopher Schacht

Joining me today is someone who has hitchhiked across oceans, who started off on a 5 year around the world journey with only $50 in his pocket and came home with a wife, and who is a fellow twin, Christopher Schacht, author of Around the World on $50 Bucks. This episode was recorded pre-COVID-19.

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In This Episode

  • 02:20 Twin Talk
  • 05:30 The Time Frame To Go Around The World Without Air Travel
  • 08:50 Deciding On The Places To See & Learning To Use The Time
  • 17:10 The Places Christopher Stayed The Longest
  • 19:45 How Long Did That $50 Last
  • 24:50 From Party Angel To Mining Gold: The Crazy Jobs Along The Way
  • 31:50 Languages Learned Before & On The Road
  • 34:45 Hitchhiking Across The Oceans
  • 44:15 The Love Story & The Unusual Way He Met His Wife
  • 50:35 Why Did The Traveling Stop? Do You Want To Travel Again?
  • 57:15 Biggest Travel Mishaps


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