Extra Pack of Peanuts Podcast 12 Skills in 12 Countries in 12 Months w/ Mike Savas


What will be (or was) your mid-life awakening? Have you followed your curiosity, passion, and love of travel to create the opportunities for your dream life?

Today’s guest is Mike Savas from Savas On The Go, who is currently on what he deems as his mid-life awakening which will include learning 12 skills in 12 countries in 12 months. Mike is learning from master’s in all the skills he has sought out in the places of their greatness with only one month allotted for each location. If you have skills you have always wanted to explore but never gave yourself the permission, time, or focus to do that in the location of its significance then join Mike as he weaves his way through 12 months of travel & self-exploration.

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In This Episode

  • 03:10  A Month In The Making Project: The Mid-Life Awakening
  • 04:50 The List Of Skills
  • 08:35 Freediving In The Bahamas & The End Goal Per Month Per Skill
  • 20:00 Finding The Masters & Getting Them Onboard
  • 22:30 Conservation Ranger In Kenya: Making Plans & Taking Risks
  • 24:50 Concerns But No Pauses & Overcoming Fears
  • 26:45 What Has Been The Most Demanding On His Mind & Body
  • 33:00 How To Avoid Burnout In Work & Travel
  • 36:50 Which Skills Will He Keep Up In The Future
  • 43:45 What Skills Does He Want To Learn But Won’t Be Able To For This Project
  • 49:00 Why You Don’t Need To Be The Best: Just Enjoy The Process
  • 52:40 Ranking The Skills Based On Excitement To Learn


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