Extra Pack of Peanuts Podcast The Sweaty Traveler w/ Mackenzie Lawrence

Joining us today is someone who loves cliff diving with Italian grandmas and a good pork chop, who all of you have met before even if you don’t know it (since she’s in charge of the EPOP social media) and who just launched her very own podcast with the best podcast tagline we’ve ever heard Mack from The Sweaty Traveler podcast.

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In This Episode

  • 03:15 What & Who Is The Sweaty Traveler
  • 05:05 Traveler’s Guilt & How It Affects You
  • 09:30 Tips For Solo Female Travel
  • 13:00 Support & Panic Attacks When Solo Traveling
  • 20:05 Cliff Diving With Italian Grandma’s Near A Nude Beach
  • 25:00 Authentic Experiences While Traveling
  • 27:00 Living Outside Your Comfort Zone
  • 30:20 How Did This Trip Change You
  • 34:10 What Helps You When You Can’t Travel (Quarantine Blues)
  • 35:15 Tips For Making Friends On The Road & Balancing Time For Yourself
  • 39:45 What Surprised You Most About Yourself & Traveling
  • 43:20 Biggest Travel Mishap
  • 50:30 The Sweatiest Places

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