The roundtable is back! Today’s guests include:

and of course, myself!

Today I ask them a question that I hear a lot from listeners, but don’t have much experience with myself.

Traveling Solo

All of our guests today have done extensive solo travel, and they all have a unique perspective to bring to the questions of traveling alone.

They speak about the importance of traveling alone, what you can get out of the experience, and how to meet people on the road. We also discuss a little about traveling with a friend or family member, and how important it is to match travel styles!

Many of you are wanting to take solo trips but might be scared to go at it alone.

But the funny thing is, you’re never alone on the road!

Don’t wait for other people to be ready. Where will your first solo trip take you?

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In This Episode

  • 07:30 – The benefits of solo travel
  • 09:10 What are you more aware of as a solo traveler?
  • 10:04 Choosing a travel partner.
  • 12:40 The value of being alone
  • 16:00 Why you should go even if no one else can.
  • 20:30 Practice. Go out to eat alone.
  • 21:44 Meeting people on the road.
  • 27:00 Start off with a bit of hand-holding. Nothing wrong with that!
  • 31:18 How it makes you grow


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