Extra Pack Of Peanuts Podcast It's Okay To Not Know Your Exact Path w/ Jon Santiago

Joining me today is someone who spent many years covering the NBA, attended Justin Beiber’s 21st birthday party, and who left it all behind in 2016 to travel the world and has been on a whirlwind tour since then, Jon Santiago freelance writer and publisher of original content at Santiagos.space.

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In This Episode

  • 05:10 Reverse Immigration
  • 12:00 Why Start Traveling In Your 30’s & Vegas Nightlife
  • 18:55 NBA vs. Justin Bieber & The Real Vegas Lifestyle
  • 27:15 Why Leave A Dream Job For A Dream Life
  • 38:20 Starting A New Life & The Struggles
  • 49:55 Your Short Term Needs (aka Money)
  • 56:35 The End Goal & The SEO Game
  • 59:55 Things Are Always Ever-Evolving – Adapt Or Get Lost
  • 01:01:45 Life Is An Experiment & Knowing Yourself
  • 01:07:10 Biggest Travel Mishap

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