Extra Pack Of Peanuts Podcast 380: College Education Beyond The States w/ Jennifer Viemont

Do you dream of going to school abroad? If living and studying while roaming the streets of your favorite European city sounds good to you then this episode will fuel and help your dreams become a reality. Joining me today is the author of College Beyond the States: European Schools That Will Change Your Life Without Breaking the Bank, someone who is one of the world’s foremost experts on the over 1,700 schools in Europe that a student can get a bachelor’s degree from, in English, and who, for her “job”, gets to visit Europe regularly to visit these schools, Jenn Viemont from BeyondtheStates.com.

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In This Episode

  • 04:30 What is BeyondTheStates.com
  • 08:15 Costs – America vs Europe
  • 13:10 Other Pro’s For European Colleges/Universities
  • 15:20 What is the Competition For Admittance Like
  • 19:00 Why Don’t People Know More About This Option
  • 26:35 Who Does It Makes Sense For & Differences
  • 30:45 What If You Don’t Know What Major You Want
  • 32:05 Transferability Of Credits & Degree Programs
  • 37:00 Standing Out In The Crowd & Internships
  • 40:45 What Are The Options Outside Of Europe
  • 42:30 Most Popular & Most Opportunities
  • 44:15 Underrated Countries
  • 46:35 Countries With Free Tuition For International Students
  • 48:00 Applying & Competition To Get In
  • 52:30 How To Pick a University
  • 56:30 Toughest Part Of The Transition
  • 59:05 What Are The Cons
  • 01:01:40 Options For Sports
  • 01:02:40 Travel Mishaps

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