It’s amazing that it’s taken us this long, but we’ve finally done it. Today’s podcast:

Teaching English in Japan!

A lot of the tips and stories we share here are probably also applicable to countries around the world, so if you’re interested in teaching English abroad, anywhere, have a listen!

We chat about the different programs that you can use to teach in Japan (some of which are international as well), the different methods that you can use to get a teaching position, and our experiences teaching.

There’s a ton of info here for those of you interested in teaching abroad! The best part is, a lot of times, all you need is a bachelor’s degree!

Do you have experience teaching English abroad? Let us know about your story in the comments below!

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In This Episode:

  • 06:00 Teaching English anywhere!
  • 06:45 Certification needed? Do you have to speak the local language?
  • 08:25 Do you need teaching experience?
  • 09:50 Where in Japan would you suggest I go?
  • 12:12 How we ended up in Japan teaching
  • 16:40 The programs available in Japan.
  • 30:00 They types of schools, students, and teaching experiences in Japan.
  • 43:48 Working with a consulting company.

and much more!


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