Extra Pack Of Peanuts Podcast 384 The Digital Nomad Life w/ Eli David

Joining me today is someone who has lived in over 40 countries, who had a cat that had more Facebook likes than his company page, and who is known as the Nomad CEO, Eli David, co-founder of StartUpBlink.com & founder of BecomeNomad.com.

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In This Episode

  • 04:50 The Story of Eli
  • 10:30 Travel Mindset Differences, Isreal vs USA
  • 12:55 Digital Nomad – Starting Up
  • 17:40 Balancing Travel & Work
  • 30:15 Logistics When Staying Longer In A Place
  • 37:25 Importance of Co-Working Spaces On The Road
  • 43:35 Are Places Trending Towards Catering To Digital Nomads?
  • 47:05 Best Places For Digital Nomad’s & Hidden Gems
  • 53:30 Planning vs Nomadic Waves
  • 58:50 Places That Are Up Next
  • 01:01:20 Money-Saving Tips & Tricks For Digital Nomads
  • 01:08:15 Biggest Travel Mishaps
  • 01:14:20 What’s Up Next For Eli

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