Top 6 Places To Get Quarantined

Extra Pack of Peanuts Podcast Top 6 Places To Get Quarantined


For our Quarantine Diaries we did a “Ask us Anything” series and some of the questions deserved a full episode so today Heather and I go through the top six places to be quarantined! The mountains, the ocean, a lake, a city… what will we choose? You have to listen to find out! 

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In This Episode

  • 5:30 Where would you choose to be quarantined?
  • 7:47 Heather’s honorable mention
  • 10:09 Headed here in the fall?
  • 12:48 The ocean, good restaurants, and impeccable weather!
  • 13:53 Headed to an island?
  • 23:39 Anything you would change?
  • 25:30 Living on the water
  • 26:50 Where do you want to be quarantined? 

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