2017 Travel Wishlist

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Every year we like to make a list of our dream destinations for that year. Sometimes we get around to a couple of them, sometimes we don’t and they live on to the next year’s list, but either way it’s a great way to start off the year!

Last year Greece and Georgia were both on our lists, and turned out to be some of our favorite experiences from 2016!

Heather and I go through our top 7 destinations (and some honorable mentions), including a couple of surprising destinations from us both!

Where will we go first?

Where do you want to go in 2017? Let me know @PackofPeanuts!!

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In This Episode


  • 02:30 The honorable mentions
  • 09:30 Our #7’s Heather’s is rather surprising!
  • 12:07 Wild, wild nature!!
  • 18:20 Don’t cry for us, we’ll get there eventually!
  • 24:22 Trav decided to follow the rules (for once)
  • 28:02 A lifestyle city
  • 30:20 The #1’s

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  1. Keith Chandler says:

    Hello. My name is Keith. Here’s my wish list for 2017. I’m already going to the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley and Las Vegas in April/May.
    I would love to go to Budapest this year as well, I went to Vienna and Prague before but I still need to see Budapest. I love the two prior Austrian empire cities and I’m curious to see Budapest. I would also love to go back to Salzburg, I was only there a short time and need more time there to feel like I’ve really seen it.
    From another traveler I heard that Mount Vernon and Monticello in Virginia were great places to see. As I’m a big history and architecture fan I wold enjoy seeing them and haven’t seen much of the south. There’s also the Museum of the American Revolution opening in Spring In Philly that I would love to see.
    Thank you for your podcast. Good luck on your travels this year.

    1. Trav says:

      @Keith Chandler – Great list! I definitely need to spend more time in Austria. Looks gorgeous!

      I didn’t know that museum was opening in Philly – awesome. I’ll have to check it out!

  2. Eric Hornung says:

    Top 7: 2017
    1. Montana / Idaho / Wyoming to take in some nature, do some camping, maybe learn to fly fish.
    2. Pacific Northwest > Vancouver, Tofino, Bend, Eugene. Cool that Heather had the same, I’ve been wanted to go surfing in Togino since I first learned about it in 2014.
    3. Iceland (Golden Circle, Northern Lights, Blue Lagoon)
    4. Omaha –> Berkshire Shareholder’s Conference in May
    5. Arizona / New Mexico –> Grand Canyon
    6. Labrador / Newfoundland –> whale watching
    7. Denver –> skiing / mountain biking

    1. Trav says:

      @Eric Hornung – Sounds pretty epic…just got back from Vail, and it was a blast.

  3. Linda says:

    You all should think about doing a cruise to South America in March or April. I have seen some incredible deals including a seven-night for $299 a person plus taxes or a 10-night for $399 plus taxes. The seven night leaves from Buenos Aires and the 10-nighter from Rio.
    I’m happy! While listening to your podcast, I was finally successful in booking my return biz tickets for my trip next month – Kenya and South Africa!

    1. Heather says:

      A South American cruise sounds amazing right about now! We loved both Kenya and South Africa!!! Especially Cape Town and the surround countryside. Make sure you make it to Stellenbosch for some great wine and nature!

  4. Amy E Orien says:

    Love to go to Peru- Manchu Picu, Costa Rica, Beaches of Vietnam, Morroco.

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