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To cap off our Year in Review Series Heather and I talk about our favorite experiences of 2016.

And we had quite a few!

Going through our photos made us long for the road today, as the weather here in Philly was a bit dreary, but it also made us incredibly grateful.

Thanks to all the listeners who supported us in 2016!

Enjoy our reminiscing about some of our favorite moments, some you’ve heard of before, some you haven’t’, but all absolutely wonderful!

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What was one of your best experiences in 2016? Let me know @ExtraPackofPeanuts!!

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In This Episode

  • 06:30 The Year in Review
  • 09:39 Unexpected places
  • 12:00 Music & theater
  • 16:09 Friends & fans
  • 18:57 Reconnecting & last minute seats
  • 23:04 Driving & Exploring
  • 29:30 New Orleans & random encounters
  • 34:06 Driving, driving, driving
  • 39:26 Skye
  • 43:49 An amazing trip

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