Recently I had the good fortune to be able to travel to Israel with two amazing dudes, Nir and Guy.

As local Israelis, they had the idea to bring people to Israel and show them around…as locals.

Add to that the promise of delicious foods (they both have culinary backgrounds) and I was hooked.

Since I’m always trying to experience places more authentically this seemed like the perfect type of tour for me, so I gave it a go.


I ate delicious food, made a bunch of friends, and was able to understand this complicated and thrilling country through the eyes of locals.

Nir and Guy have done something awesome by creating a boutique travel company that is going to turn the tour industry on its head, and today, they reveal how it all started (with a dream…and some beer), where it’s going, and why they are doing something no one else in Israel is attempting to do.

And don’t forget…for a special discount and a VIP experience, check out Puzzle Israel and mention that Trav from Extra Pack of Peanuts sent you!

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In This Episode

  • 07:00 Authentic travel
  • 15:00 Working around what you want YOUR trip to be
  • 18:00 The future of Puzzle Israel
  • 20:00 Amazing activities that I never would have found on my own.
  • 27:00 Two chefs running a tour company? I was hooked.
  • 34:40 Need a break? Boutique travel allows for your schedule!
  • 37:24 Thoughts on the safety of Israel
  • 42:18 Travel Mishaps for Guy and Nir
  • 48:21 How to find Puzzle Isreal and a special offer just for you!


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