Extra Pack of Peanuts Podcast The Unseen Africa w/ Francis Tapon

Joining me today is the author of one of my favorite books, The Hidden Europe, creator, producer, star and everything else of The Unseen Africa, and a man who has probably had more adventures in the last 3 days than I’ve had in my entire life, Francis Tapon of WanderLearn Podcast. I am so happy to have him back on the show since we last spoke almost exactly 4 years ago or 275 episodes but who is counting. Today, we are diving deep into The Unseen Africa project which includes a book and a video series and is a must-read/see for everyone! Bonus: if you are a lover of pop quizzes and my failing them (mostly) then you will find extra joy in this episode!

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In This Episode

  • 05:45 What Do You Tell People You Do
  • 07:20 The Unseen Africa – All In
  • 16:40 Both In & Out Of Africa While Standing On The Continent
  • 25:10 How Did You Pick Africa & The Struggles From The Start
  • 34:10 African Tinder, Finding His Wife, Travel Partners & 3000+ Hitchhikers
  • 41:15 The Different Languages  & How Not Knowing Them Can Be A Hindrance
  • 50:55 Challenges Faced
  • 01:05:45 First Half Of The Trip (Pre Wife) vs Second Half (With Wife)
  • 01:14:55 Time Spent In Which Countries – Most & Least
  • 01:20:45 Budgeting For The Trip & Keeping It “Cheap”
  • 01:24:05 Density Of Population & Growth Projections
  • 01:36:15 Thoughts Going In, Misconceptions & Safety
  • 01:55:10 How Many Armed Guards & Sneaking Into South Sudan
  • 02:03:45 Scary Moments
  • 02:16:15 Best Memories
  • 02:20:25 Places With Natural Beauty
  • 02:22:35 Must-See Places
  • 02:28:00 Goal Of The Unseen Africa

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