Destination Diary – Cape Town, South Africa

Posted By Trav


I have a new favorite city.

Cape Town, South Africa

It has everything. It’s small, but has everything you want. You can drive without it being a pain. And you can get to the mountains, the beach, and most importantly, the wine country with less than a 30 minute car ride.

Today Heather joins me as we break down our time in Capetown, from the deal with transportation through amazing (and some not amazing) food and wine we had along the way.

Check out our full itinerary here, as well as our Sleep, Eat, Do guide to Cape Town!

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In This Episode:

  • 3:32 What is a Destination Diary?
  • 7:06 The areas we visted.
  • 7:48 Transportation around South Africa & Cape Town
  • 11:00 Accommodations in Cape Town & virtual friends
  • 15:30 Delicious, and not so delicious food & drink in Cape Town
  • 28:56 Things to do in Downtown Cape Town
  • 35:30 The most amazing first day anywhere!
  • 38:33 The drives around Cape Town
  • 43:30 The Wine Country
  • 48:00 The wineries that we would recommend
  • 51:32 The Garden Route Drive
  • 55:00 Can’t Miss, Skip, & Regret

and much more!

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  1. Jeff says:

    Ok guys! totally love the podcast… you guys are my new favorite… I’ve heard a little from Travis before, but now love the travel stories with both of you – great synergy!
    So My Wife and I did the SA trip last year… and it was great hearing your stories!!! brought back a lot of fantastic memories…
    We started in Kruger National Park and did a safari (highly recommend that), then flew to Capetown, we did the shark dive (totally awesome)… and we also drove up to Franshhoek and Stellenbosh, and loved Franshhoek because it was so much smaller and more quaint! Unfortunately we could not do Table Mountain because of the Winds and clouds… so after listening – I can’t wait to go back and do that!!! Love the Show, Loved Capetown, carry on !!!

    1. Heather says:

      Thanks! We love Cape Town so much we are can’t wait to head back – glad to hear you enjoyed both the city and the podcast. Next time we will definitely have to try the cage diving!

  2. Rick Schubert says:

    Hi Travis,

    It’s probably a good idea you didn’t do a Township tour or even visit the District Museum. We did both a couple months ago on our visit to Cape Town and they totally changed our view of the city.

    We stayed at the Radisson Blu you did (on points)! And had been having a wonderful time in Cape Town.

    The tour guide for the Township Tour picked us up at the hotel. Our guide lives in the Townships and he knew most of the doormen at the hotel. We had gotten to know several of the hotel guys during our stay and they were excited we were visiting these Townships where they all lived.

    There were only three of us on the tour including my wife and I. The Townships were some of the worst living conditions I have ever seen. (And we spent 5 weeks in India to give you and idea of us.) 13 people living in one 10×12′ room, sleeping on 4 bunk beds where they have to rotate sleeping. I could go on and on. The conditions were horrible. The tour lasted 3 hours.

    I asked our guide if South Africans ever go on the tour. After he stopped laughing, he said no, never. It’s always tourists.

    After we saw the Townships we just wanted to leave Cape Town. How can people allow this for other people? Apartheid is over, but the Townships are still the only home to millions of people in Cape Town.

    I suspect if you had seen what goes on in the Townships that Cape Town would not be on your favorite cities list.


    1. Trav says:

      @Rick Schubert- I can see where you are coming from, and it’s certainly tough to see the “other side.” However, I think that’s an important part of it, and even with that, I feel like Cape Town is a great city. And the silver lining is that many of the people who lived in the townships were excited for you to visit where they lived. That’s one of the things I noticed about the spirit of the South African people – even those without a lot seemed to be happy.

      I think a dose of reality, even it is harsh, is usually necessary and can help you see both sides.

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