Extra Pack Of Peanuts Podcast Travel Safely With World Nomads w/ Phil Sylvester

Joining me today is someone who serves as a lifeguard at one of Sydney’s beaches, who loves Aussie Rules football, and who knows more about travel insurance than almost any other human alive, Phil Sylvester, Head of Media and Communications for World Nomads Travel Insurance

We’re going to be diving into one of the most misunderstood, seemingly complex but incredibly important parts of traveling – travel insurance – throughout this podcast, and I’ll be peppering Phil with all the questions that have come my way from listeners, friends, and family, plus a few of my own.

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In This Episode

  • 04:40 Love Of Travel
  • 08:00 How Has Travel Changed
  • 13:48 Getting Started With World Nomads
  • 17:30 Myths & Misconceptions About Travel Insurance
  • 18:45 What To Look For
  • 24:25 When Should You Get Insured & Do Prices Fluctuate
  • 27:10 Trip Cancellations & What Is Covered
  • 29:50 How To Make A Claim & Tips
  • 34:56 Medical: What Is Covered & What Isn’t
  • 39:20 Domestic Travel Insurance
  • 40:35 Pricing For World Nomads
  • 46:00 Open-Ended Trips: How To Get Insurance
  • 49:53 Insuring Children On Trips
  • 51:23 Add On Insurance From Airlines
  • 54:45 Favorite Ways To Save Money On Travel
  • 57:30 Biggest Mishaps
  • 01:03:57 What Is Next For World Nomads

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