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Falling down the rabbit hole is very easy when visiting Wait But Why. Tim Urban writes about any subject that interests him after embarking on a journey to learn everything he can about his topic. Many a project has been procrastinated on as I learn the in’s and out of a thing I never thought I’d be that interested in.

Today Tim joins me to chat about his experiences with Wait But Why, how he picks his topics, his research process, and how he loses himself in the learning.

A couple of years ago, Tim held a poll and allowed his audience to choose the route he would take around the world, visiting 5 countries over the span of 10 weeks and learning a lot about the local cultures. We spend some time going through some of the moments from that trip and the lessons learned along the way.

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In This Episode

  • 5:00 Choosing the topic
  • 12:00 The research process
  • 30:45 The perks he never expected
  • 38:00 Tim totally nerds out on some of his potential future topics
  • 46:34 Odd things in odd places world tour
  • 49:00 A day in the job
  • 57:12 Things that transcend location
  • 1:08:00 The classic first-time travel mistake
  • 1:11:20 Tim’s travel list
  • 1:22:15Tim’s travel mishap


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