What do you do when you want to become more educated…or healthier…or learn more about religion?

If your answers to those look anything like this:

  • Read the encyclopedia from A to Z.
  • Live by every rule in the Bible for a year.
  • Try every single diet and exercise program out there.

Then you might have something in common with this week’s guest.

A.J. Jacobs is a published writer and a professional human guinea pig.

A.J. takes on these personal experiments in what he calls “extreme self-improvement” and documents his struggles (and successes) in his books.

Keeping life fun and exciting through these personal challenges is exactly the reason that I wanted AJ to come on the show and share his experiences with us all.

AJ talks to us today about how he started on this journey to self-experimentation (hint: it involves the Academy Awards), how his family handles some of his more extreme projects, and his newest project that you can be a part of!

We’re reminded that our changes don’t all have to be huge, that viewing the world from another’s point of view is always a good use of time, and the ideas are the lifeblood of entrepreneurs.

Make sure to check out the site for A.J.’s next project- GlobalFamilyReunion.com– so you can help him with his next project.

You and A.J. are cousins after all, and family helps out family!

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In This Episode:

  • Where his experiment ideas come from.
  • Some valuable lessons learned from his projects.
  • How we’re all really cousins. (It’s true, he can prove it)
  • Why considering other points of view is so important.
  • How failure is just a part of life, not something to be terrified of.
  • The concept of disciplined daydreaming.
  • How ideas are the lifeblood of entrepreneurs.

and much more!

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