Mountain Biking Around the World (including Greenland!) with Mike Brcic

Mike Brcic, the founder of Sacred Rides, never imagined he’d have the world’s #1 mountain bike tour company in the world.

All he really wanted to do was get paid to take people on awesome trails around British Columbia.

That was 21 years ago, and since, he’s not only grown his business to great heights, but he’s also been able to take people mountain biking all over the world (yes, including Greenland)!

Mike talks about how they pick destinations, where they find the guides, and what a trip entails and also discusses why anyone, even someone who has never ridden a mountain bike before, can go on a trip…and why they should.

Plus, Mike discusses the charity he has set up and of course, tells us his biggest travel mishap (which happened very far from Greenland!)

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