Some people are made to be storytellers, and Tom Allen is one of them.

And what a story he has to tell!

Ever wonder what it would feel like to head out on a bike one day, figuring you’ll pedal around the world?

What it would be like to pedal, day after day, through foreign cultures and lands…alone?

Well, if you don’t have 3.5 years to spare, don’t worry.

Luckily, Tom has filmed his entire adventure and put it together in an amazing feature-length film entitled Janapar.

During our interview, Tom not only gives us a behind the scenes look at the making of Janapar, but also dives into the art of storytelling, and how to hone both your video and storytelling skills.

He also teaches us how anyone can get started with adventure cycling, including how to begin for the price of a round of drinks (or $39.92, to be exact).

If you’re interested in starting to see the world from two wheels or want a sneak peek at how the video progressed (hint: not logically), have a listen!

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In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • Why Tom decided to bike instead of taking traditional means of travel.
  • What you should BEFORE leaving to make better travel videos.
  • How to sharpen your storytelling skills.
  • The difference between traveling for new experiences, learning, and being challenged vs. for plain fun.
  • 3 easy steps to cycling around the world.
  • How overcomplicating trips leads to inaction.
  • How to go adventure cycling for a round of drinks.

Links Discussed in This Episode:

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