The World’s Longest Honeymoon w/ Mike and Anne from HoneyTrek

Extra Pack of Peanuts Podcast The World’s Longest Honeymoon with Mike and Anne from Honeytrek 

What if you could take the world’s longest honeymoon? Where would you go? What would you do? Today’s guests are not only world-known (& Guinness record-holders) but also dear friends, Mike & Anne from and they are currently on the world’s longest honeymoon at over 9 years long. We get into what life is like on the road (#RVLife), getting trapped in Europe during COVID lockdowns, the gorgeous glamping lifestyle, and so much more.

If you have been biting at the bit to get out and travel again and you love unique and fun ways to explore this world then you will love learning about it all with Mike & Anne.

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In This Episode

  • 02:10 The Story Behind The World’s Longest Honeymoon
  • 05:55 Those Quitting Thoughts & How To Battle Them
  • 09:50 RV Life On The Road: Pros & Cons
  • 20:45 Getting Trapped In Europe During COVID
  • 28:45 Gorgeous Glamping & Getting Reconnected With Nature
  • 34:50 Mike & Anne’s Most Memorable Glamping Opportunities
  • 39:30 The Creation of Comfortably Wild
  • 44:35 Types of Travel That Are Upcoming
  • 48:00 Biggest Travel Mishap

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