Traveling As a Family of 5 With Ricky Shetty, the Daddy Blogger

Many people think their traveling days are over when they have kids, but not Ricky Shetty.

Ricky and his wife, Anne, started traveling the world full-time after they had their third kid, and they have some audacious travel goals for their young family!

In today’s episode, learn the joys and challenges of traveling to every country in the world as a family of five, with Ricky Shetty of

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In This Episode

  • 6:30   How Ricky got started with travel
  • 10:45 How Ricky got his wife on board with the idea of full-time travel
  • 13:45 How to deal with differences in travel styles and preferences
  • 14:20 What Ricky and his family did with their stuff
  • 16:20 How Ricky and his wife decided where to go
  • 19:20 Ricky and his family’s big hairy audacious goal
  • 22:50 What it’s like to travel with kids
  • 26:40 Tips, tricks, and strategies for dealing with 5 different personalities while traveling
  • 30:00 How to survive 20-hour bus rides with three kids
  • 32:30 How travel has changed the lives of Ricky’s kids
  • 36:40 Ricky’s family travel budget
  • 38:40 Why you should start a travel blog
  • 40:50 Advice for parents who want to get started with family travel
  • 45:20 Ricky and his family’s favorite places and places they’re looking forward to seeing
  • 49:15 Biggest Travel Mishaps
  • 53:20 What’s in the pipeline for Ricky & fam?

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