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Lots of people think once you have one kid you can’t travel, let alone 4 kids and a dog!

Paul Kortmans joins me today to share his family’s experience taking on Mexico in an RV.

We chat about how he (and his kids) ended up with the travel bug, the lightbulb moment when he and his wife realized their kids like to travel just as much as they did, and a story of overcoming business setbacks as a location independent professional.

Whew, that’s a lot! We cover a lot of ground in this podcast including a GENIUS tip for getting your kids used to airplane travel if they’ve never done it before, and a great way to keep them entertained on those long flights!

Do you remember traveling with your parents as a kid? Tell us your favorite memories @ExtraPackofPeanuts!!

Today’s episode has been sponsored by our friends at Tortuga Backpacks!

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In This Episode

  • 03:40 How we got here!
  • 08:00 – Strategies for kids on planes when they’ve never flown
  • 13:00 – How that applies to business!
  • 16:00Ending up in an RV
  • 28:00 – Breaking down the cost
  • 32:00 – So what does Paul do to make money?
  • 45:30 – Lessons learned


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