Step by Step Guide to Getting the Cheapest Flights, 2017

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We’ve bought a lot of flights over the years.

And you know me, I’m always in it for the best price.

So we’ve developed an almost unconscious step by step system to booking flights that can ensure that you’re getting the most bang for your buck (or mile) when you’re booking your next trip.

Heather and I go through our Step by Step process to getting the cheapest flights in today’s episode, including checking budget airlines, mistake fares, and nearby airports for cheaper flights.

And if you want to use your miles instead? We do a super quick recap of how to figure out if your flight is going to be worth it!

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In This Episode


  • 07:03 Two ways to pay for flights
  • 08:40 Step One – What’s the baseline?
  • 11:13 Mistake Fares
  • 15:02 Heather’s Favorite Step
  • 20:04 Nearby cities can have HUGE differences in price
  • 22:20 Budget airlines
  • 29:20 Should I use my miles for this?
  • 35:15 I guess if you have to
  • 38:00 The EPoP Masterclass


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