Extra Pack of Peanuts Podcast Fast-Tracking Citizenship Through Your Bloodline w_ Sarah Mikutel

Joining me today is someone who moved to Italy on the advice of a stranger on the internet, who can see France from her bedroom window (even though she lives in England), and who got Italian citizenship in 2 months, Sarah Mikutel from PostcardAcademy.co and the Postcard Academy Podcast.

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In This Episode

  • 05:00 How An American Got Italian Citizenship
  • 11:15 Researching Your Italian Citizenship Options & Steps To Take
  • 18:05 Costs & Challenges
  • 27:20 Ways To Travel Long Term Overseas &
  • 31:40 Freelance Visa’s & E-Residency in Estonia
  • 37:20 What Are The Benefits & Cons Of Living In Europe
  • 42:30 Working For Companies Overseas
  • 45:00 What Is Her Travel Style & Places She Loves
  • 48:00 How To Save Money While Living Abroad & Traveling
  • 53:25 Travel Mishap Stories

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