What would it be like to move to another country?  What would you miss from your home country? How would you adjust to the differences of the new country?  And when you go back home, what would that experience be like?

Jason and Trav dive deep into the great things and the challenges about living abroad, returning home, and experiencing culture shock and reverse culture shock.  Is it a bad thing?  A good thing?  Listen in and decide for yourself!

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In This Episode

  • 2:12 – What this special episode is all about
  • 8:20 – What is reverse culture shock?
  • 9:10 – Jason’s rant
  • 13:00 – #instabond
  • 15:20 – Things you miss as an ex-pat
  • 22:00 – Is reverse culture shock a negative thing?
  • 24:15 – How living abroad changes you

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