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Pilot Mark has been to all seven continents, became a qualified pilot at age 22, has flown over 2 million miles, which is the equivalent of 4 roundtrips to the moon, and is my guest on today’s episode. He is the man behind the Flying and Travel website where he gives tips on flying, great destinations, and how to become a pilot. He has some amazing insights into different locations that you have to check out because they will give you wanderlust like nothing else.

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In This Episode

  • 03:10 Flying To The Moon?
  • 04:50 Where Did The Love Of Travel Come From?
  • 08:58 Wanting To Become A Pilot & Training
  • 16:05 Second Thoughts?
  • 17:53 Pro’s & Con’s
  • 21:43 Long Haul & Short Haul
  • 24:45 Why Two Of You?
  • 28:30 Camaraderie Between Pilots & Crews
  • 37:00 On Your Own Or With The Crew
  • 39:15 Finding Balance & Days Off
  • 42:05 Timezones & Jet Lag Tips
  • 46:35 Perks Of Being A Pilot
  • 50:22 Round The World Trip
  • 51:00 Friends & Family Hookups
  • 52:00 Friendly Skies With Other Airlines
  • 56:20 What Is The Most Annoying Thing A Flyer Can Do?
  • 57:40 What Has Been The Nicest Thing A Flyer Has Done?
  • 01:02:45 Favorite Spots & Experiences
  • 01:05:30 Underwhelming Spots
  • 01:07:25 Ways To Save Money On Travel That Anyone Can Do
  • 01:10:05 Biggest Travel Mishap
  • 01:14:15 Scams

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