Extra Pack of Peanuts Podcast From Business Traveler To Pleasure Seeker w/ Malcolm Teasdale

Joining me today is someone who has visited 98 countries, lived in 5, and who figures he’ll settle down when he’s 95, former business traveler and now strictly pleasure seeker, Malcolm Teasdale from MalcolmJTeasdale.com.

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In This Episode

  • 04:15 Getting Bit By The Travel Bug
  • 06:35 Seeking Out Business That Requires Travel
  • 10:05 Making Business & Travel Work Together
  • 13:30 Pros & Cons Of Living In All The Places He Has Lived
  • 18:25 Cruise Ships Speaking As A Way To Travel The World
  • 29:55 Getting Off The Beaten Path & Places To Go
  • 32:10 Bhutan Beauty & Exploration
  • 37:50 The Highlights Of All His Travels
  • 41:20 The Places That Will Be Visited
  • 42:45 Save and Splurge Travel
  • 47:25 Biggest Travel Mishap


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