Some people have more of a penchant for luxury travel.


But she’s not the only one! Today’s guest, Jetset Christina has created a travel blog and business that centers around the luxurious side of travel.

When you have limited days off, sometimes you just want a super fancy, relaxing vacation. And that’s totally awesome! Jetset Christina has got you covered.

We chat about how she started with her business when she decided to take it full time, and some ways to save money on your luxury travels.

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In This Episode

  • 03:40How Christina started traveling
  • 08:00 The corporate dream
  • 11:00 The decision to quit
  • 16:00 The hardest part of building your business
  • 19:00 Partnering with brands
  • 26:00 Travel styles
  • 29:00 Saving money on fancy places
  • 35:00 Favorite travel places
  • 42:00 The next dream locations

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