The Farmhouse: Our AirBnB Paradise In Tuscany

Posted By Heather


Everything you hear about Tuscany is true. From the amazing food and wine to the incredible country scenery, spending time in Tuscany should be on your travel wishlist.



Trav and I recently spent two lovely weeks in the Tuscan countryside, and I have to say we were very reluctant to leave.


Although the Tuscan region is not without it’s fair share of accommodation options, we would highly recommend the farmhouse we rented from David and Francesca. We found the listing on Airbnb and after corresponding with Francesca about the rental and the surrounding area, we were convinced it would be a great choice.


 //Village of Carmignano, Italy//

Our flight landed in Milan and we rented a car and drove the four hours south to Tuscany. Tuscany is an expansive area and a car is a must in order to explore all the small towns and wineries.

Following our previously written directions to the Farmhouse, we exited the highway, drove through a few rather small towns and started making our way up a winding road.


We made the turn onto a white gravel road and were sure it couldn’t possibly be the correct road.

But Francesca’s email told us:

When you think you’re going the wrong way, keep going.

So we soldiered on.

After going down a steep hill, over a few huge potholes, and almost getting stuck in the mud, we were sure we were going the wrong way.

But Francesca’s email told us:

When you’re sure you’re going the wrong way, keep going.

So we soldiered on, rounded a bend, and drove up to the country oasis that is David and Francesca’s estate.


Upon arriving, David and Francesca warmly greeted us and gave us the tour of the house.

Then, with true Italian hospitality, they presented us with bottle of their homemade olive oil, sourced from the property, and beautiful fresh flowers from the garden.


David and Francesca were staying in the main house, which has three bedrooms and is also available to rent if you are traveling with a family or group of friends.

The next day Trav wandered over to the main house to ask David and Francesca a question and ended up with a glass of wine and an invitation to join them for dinner.


Their hospitality did not stop there.

Over the next two weeks David and Francesca gave us a classic Tuscan BBQ, a pizza making class and a very special dual birthday dinner (Francesca and I happen to share the same birthday).


Now that I have raved about what great hosts we had, I can share some of the more practical points of this accommodation.


Tuscany is a vast area which includes a few popular cities, including Florence, Siena, Chianti, Pisa and Lucca.



The Farmhouse is located about 30minutes by car from Florence. You can also drive to the nearest train station, Empoli, and take the 28 minute train into the center of Florence.


The house resides on the top of a mountain which has incredible views of the surrounding countryside – miles of olive groves and vineyards spread beneath you.

Every night, whether rain or shine, the skyline would burst open in shades of orange and pink as the sun slowly set over the hills.


David and Francesca lovingly restored  the Farmhouse into a beautiful tribute of Italian culture and history, complete with locally sourced marble countertops and custom doors and windows.


The downstairs is comprised of a kitchen equipped with anything you might need as well as a sitting room and more formal dining room. This then leads outside to an amazing outdoor space with chairs and tables to eat, drink, relax or work.

This is also where the outdoor brick pizza oven  is located.


There is one large bedroom and bathroom complete with a bathtub, located on the second floor.

If you fancy a more natural bathing experience, there is an outdoor shower off the bedroom which is very nice to use at night while gazing up at the stars.


Both the Farmhouse and the main house are designed and decorated with a classic yet comfortable aesthetic which makes you feel very relaxed.


The Farmhouse is located in the small “village” of  Castra. The closest town, where the grocery store and a few restaurants were located, is Limite.

The Farmhouse is a little remote but this makes it quiet and relaxing. Limite is a ten minute drive, and we headed there every few days for groceries.

The local grocery store has an amazing deli where you can buy Tuscan cheeses and meats, which we ate most days.


While we stayed at the Farmhouse we took many day trips to the surrounding areas. We went to Florence three times, Lucca once and some of the smaller towns nearby – Carminagno and Vinci.


//Walking around the city walls of Lucca//

The location is perfect if you want an authentic and relaxing visit to the Tuscan countryside.  And with plenty of wineries and olive groves to visit, as well as Siena and Chianti a few hours drive south, you’ll never be thirsty.

Final Word(s)

The love and dedication put into this beautifully restored farmhouse can be clearly seen and the result is an incredibly relaxing and enjoyable stay in the countryside.

David and Francesca’s Farmhouse was definitely one of our favorite accommodations and we hope to return someday (hopefully with some friends in tow… hint hint.)

If you are interested in booking this amazing property here is the Airbnb link – Farmhouse in Tuscany.


  1. Jeffsetter says:

    That place looks amazing. Definitely adding it to my list of places to visit once I go digital nomad. How was the Internet?

    1. Trav says:

      @Jeffsetter- Anything I can do to help you along that path, let me know.

      Internet was the one downside. In the Barn, where we stayed, it was strong at some points and weak at others. However, whenever we needed to upload/download big files or Skype, they had us come over to their main house and sit in their office. Since it was right next to the router, it was plenty fast then.

      Also, they do rent out their main house, so if you go with a few friends or you just need better internet, you could rent that side. We never had a problem on that side, at all. Overall, one thing that surprises people about Italy is that it is really bad for internet speeds in general.

      The plus side to bad internet? It forces you to disconnect at times, which was something I needed.

  2. Rob says:

    How much does this paradise cost?

    1. Trav says:

      @Rob- The going rate is $116 per night on AirBnB. However, if you are staying longer (like the 2.5 weeks we stayed), you can usually negotiate a substantially lower price. I usually start at half if the AirBnB calendar shows a decent amount of availability and work my way up.

      Even at $116 a night, it’s much cheaper than a hotel in Florence…and way better!

  3. georgechater says:

    please can you link the airbnb address so that i can check it out

  4. PATTY Pitman says:

    How many people does this apartment accomodate?

    1. Trav says:

      @Patty Pitman- They have two sides of the house. The one we stayed in has 1 bedroom, but it’s huge. Still, only 2 people probably. But the other side has 3 bedrooms and could easily accommodate 6. If you rented both sides, I’m guessing it would max out at 10.

      Email Francesca and talk to her…she’s great and will help you in any way. Also, tell her Travis and Heather sent you!

  5. Pippa says:

    I love the photos! Which camera did you use?

    1. Trav says:

      @Pippa- We use an iPhone for some (a iPhone 6) and then we mostly use our Canon Rebel SL1, which we love.

      1. nadir shah says:

        my family (wife plus two kids (9&11) and a friend of ours (wife plus 3 kids 16,12,8) are visiting tuscany between 19-28 july and we are looking for options…our budget can be on higher side if facility is worth it… its peak season and we are late so what is possible

        1. Trav says:

          Have you checked the options on Airbnb, VRBO, or GoWithOh?

  6. Andrew Wettlaufer says:

    Thank you so much for posting this. A trip to Tuscany was my wife’s dream for 15 years, and this past year I was able to make it come true. We found this post, and decided that this was the place we would rent for two weeks. It was beyond description! I would return in a heartbeat!

    1. Trav says:

      @Andrew Wettlaufer – So glad you got to stay there and loved it so much. It really is magical. Did you get a chance to say hi to David and Francesca for us?

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