Extra Pack of Peanuts Podcast From NFL To Van Life w/ Joe Hawley

Joining me today is someone who after spending 8 years playing at the highest level in the NFL retired and gave all his possessions to charity, and whose name of his blog and social media handles says it all, Joe Hawley from ManVanDogBlog.com.

Today’s podcast is sponsored by Oregon State University ECampus.

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In This Episode

  • 06:55 Your Relationship With The NFL
  • 09:10 Leaving The NFL & Injuries
  • 15:00 Camaraderie In Work & Life
  • 23:40 Why Van Life
  • 26:35 Van Logistics & Finding The Sprinter
  • 31:10 Being Open On The Road vs. Routine At Home
  • 36:15 The Shift In People’s Reactions
  • 40:45 How Travel & Adventures Change You
  • 47:40 The Härt Collective
  • 53:55 Other Great Projects & Writing A Book
  • 01:02:10 Biggest Travel Mishaps


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