Extra Pack Of Peanuts Podcast Anxious & Abroad w/ Gilad Gamliel

  Would you consider yourself to be anxious? How has your anxiety impacted your travel?

Joining me today is someone who, despite being a “neurotic Jew from New York who is quite possibly the most risk-averse person you know” (his words, not mine) has traveled to over 20 countries – all while clutching his wallet too tight and packing every medication under the sun just in case he’s 3 hours from a hospital, Gilad Gamliel from AnxiousandAbroad.com.

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In This Episode

  • 02:15 Anxious & Abroad
  • 05:10 How Do You Know If You Are An Anxious Person
  • 06:40 How Has Anxiety Impacted & Affected Your Life
  • 11:45 Pushing Past The Anxiety To Travel
  • 14:30 Deciding Where To Go
  • 16:25 Saying Yes To Things That Make You Uncomfortable
  • 20:45 The List Of Comfort
  • 23:55 What Can You Do When Someone Else Is Having A Panic Attack
  • 34:30 Stopping It Before It Gets Away From You
  • 38:55 Self-Love To-Do’s
  • 40:05 Slow vs. Fast Travel
  • 41:15 Anxiety In Different Cultures & Easing Through A Trip
  • 45:40 Tips On Starting To Travel With Anxiety
  • 48:40 The After The Trip Routine
  • 51:25 The Struggle Is Real
  • 57:25 Biggest Travel Mishaps


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