Extra Pack of Peanuts Podcast Traveling While Anxious with Gilad Gamliel

  Would you consider yourself to be anxious? How has your anxiety impacted your travel?

Joining me today is someone who, despite being a “neurotic Jew from New York who is quite possibly the most risk-averse person you know” (his words, not mine) has traveled to over 20 countries – all while clutching his wallet too tight and packing every medication under the sun just in case he’s 3 hours from a hospital, Gilad Gamliel from The Overthinker’s Passport.

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In This Episode

  • 02:15 The Overthinker’s Passport
  • 05:10 How Do You Know If You Are An Anxious Person
  • 06:40 How Has Anxiety Impacted & Affected Your Life
  • 11:45 Pushing Past The Anxiety To Travel
  • 14:30 Deciding Where To Go
  • 16:25 Saying Yes To Things That Make You Uncomfortable
  • 20:45 The List Of Comfort
  • 23:55 What Can You Do When Someone Else Is Having A Panic Attack
  • 34:30 Stopping It Before It Gets Away From You
  • 38:55 Self-Love To-Do’s
  • 40:05 Slow vs. Fast Travel
  • 41:15 Anxiety In Different Cultures & Easing Through A Trip
  • 45:40 Tips On Starting To Travel With Anxiety
  • 48:40 The After The Trip Routine
  • 51:25 The Struggle Is Real
  • 57:25 Biggest Travel Mishaps


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