How To Combine Chase Ultimate Rewards Points Between Accounts (with video tutorial)

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The combining we’ll be doing won’t get us this messy!

This is Part #3 in the Ultimate Guide to Ultimate Rewards series.  Other posts include:
#1:  How to Earn Chase Ultimate Rewards Points Through Credit Card Signups
#2:  How to Earn Chase Ultimate Rewards Points Through Online Shopping

#4:  How to Transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards Points to Travel Partners (with video)

(UPDATE:  DO NOT transfer points between people who ARE NOT SPOUSES OR DOMESTIC PARTNERS.  Chase no longer allows this and may shut down your account.)

One of the major benefits of the Chase Ultimate Rewards program is that they allow you to combine points between accounts for no charge AND the transfer happens instantly.

Thanks Chase!

The ability to combine points comes is a HUGE SCORE for people who want to turn their “limited” UR points in to “premium” UR points.

(If you’re unsure about the difference between a “limited” account and “premium” account, read the first post of the Ultimate Guide to Ultimate Rewards series before continuing.)

To briefly recap, “limited” points are only allowed to be used as cash for purchasing travel through Chase (at 1.2 cents per point) or as cash-back (at 1 cent a point).  They are NOT allowed to be transferred to travel partners like United, Hyatt, Southwest, etc.

“Premium” points are much more valuable because they ARE allowed to be transferred to travel partners like United, Hyatt, and Southwest.  This opens up tons of possibilities, and if you’re good, you can make each Chase premium point worth 2 cents or more!

So, the goal is to turn “limited” points in to “premium” points, which amazingly, can be done…and done quickly and easily!

Combining Points from a “Limited” Account and “Premium” Account

Most people who are earning large amounts of “limited” points are doing so by using the Chase Freedom, but the Chase Sapphire, Chase Ink Classic, and Chase Ink Cash also earn “limited” points.

To turn these “limited” points to “premium” points, you’ll need to have one card that earns “premium” Ultimate Rewards points.  These cards include the Chase Sapphire Preferred (my review), Chase Ink Bold (my review), or Chase Ink Plus (my review).

If you have one of those cards, it is very simple to transfer your “limited” points to “premium” points.  All you’ll have to do is sign in to to your Ultimate Rewards account and combine your points.  Just make sure you are transferring your points FROM the “limited” account TO the “premium” account.

Voila….you’ve got all “premium” Ultimate Rewards points.

Don’t believe it’s that easy?  Watch me do it in less that 2 minutes WHILE explaining exactly how to do it!

Ok, so that’s great for people who have a “premium” UR account, but what if you only have a “limited” account?  Fear not!

Transferring Points From One Person To Another

Another awesome benefit:  Chase allows you to combine points between people!  And get this…the people don’t even have to be related.

You can transfer points from your account to ANYONE!  

The real benefit of this comes when one person DOES NOT have a “premium” account but wants to transfer their “limited” points to a travel partner.

They can use someone else who has a “premium” account as a middleman!

This exact situation happened a few days ago with an EPoP reader.  Jason had earned “limited” UR points from his Chase Freedom card and had no other Chase accounts.

Jason wanted to turn transfer his points to Hyatt, but because they were “limited” UR points, he wasn’t allowed.

Instead, I offered to allow him to transfer his “limited” points to my Ultimate Reward account that was tied to my Chase Sapphire Preferred card, and therefore, a “premium” account.  All he needed was my account number and my full name.  After putting that in, the points arrived in my account in less than a minute.

Since the points were now in my “premium” account, they could be transferred to Hyatt.  I simply used Jason’s Hyatt number and full name when transferring the points to Hyatt, and within a few minutes, they were in his account.

All told, it took less than 5 minutes for Jason to turn his “limited” points in to Hyatt points.

Just follow these easy steps:

1.  Transfer your limited points to a friend who has a premium account.  You’ll need that person’s premium UR account number and full name.

2.  Have your friend transfer the points, which are now premium points, to the travel partner you want.  They’ll need YOUR full name and membership number.

That’s it!

Final Word(s)

If you don’t have a “premium” card yet, you should definitely consider getting one!  You’ll be earning one of the best currencies of points out there AND you’ll be able to turn your “limited” points in to more valuable ones!  You don’t have to involve anyone else, and it takes less than 2 minutes.

If you’re not able to get a “premium” card, find a friend or family member who does and ask them to act as the middleman.

You should NEVER keep your Ultimate Rewards points as “limited” points since they are FAR LESS valuable than “premium” points.  Since Chase makes it so easy to upgrade your points from “limited” to “premium”, you’ve got no excuses!

How do you change your “limited” points to “premium” points?  What’s your favorite Chase card?  Let me know below!

(photo courtesy of D@lbo)



  1. jennifernice says:

    I watched your video tutorial and then logged into Chase to transfer my Freedom points to my Sapphire Preferred account. The interface has changed and there is no third column with options to transfer. Obviously, since this blog post is about 18 months old, things have changed. I sent a secure inquiry message to Chase, but do know anything about this?

    1. Trav says:

      @jennifernice- You’re right, the interface has changed. Now, you have to log in to one of your accounts, choose the one you want. When you get to the home screen, look up at the top, where it says “log off” and “view cart”. To the left will be a thing that says “combine points”. Hit that, and then combine points between accounts!

  2. Todd Walker says:

    Hey dude. Love your site. Thank you so much for the info. My question is in regards to a Chase Amazon card. I have a Freedom, Amazon and Sapphire Preferred. I understand how to transfer from Freedom to Sapphire but I can’t seem to figure out a way to move points from the Chase Amazon to the Sapphire. Do you know if it’s possible?

    1. Trav says:

      @Todd Walker- I’m not 100% sure, but reading the fine print, it says: “Your points can be redeemed for eligible purchases on Amazon.com, cash back, gift cards or travel through our travel redemption center.” Leads me to believe that you might not be able to move them? Where do those points live? I don’t have an Amazon card, so I can’t check myself.

      1. Todd Walker says:

        Thanks for the response. I guess I’m going to have to do the unthinkable and call Chase. Thanks again for your help. The heads up on the Red Card has us well on our way to a free vacation. You guys rock.

        1. Trav says:

          @Todd Walker- Awesome…where you going?

    2. Adam says:

      I actually called Chase today about that because I was curious. We have Freedom and I have Amazon. We just got Sapphire preferred. I was told that, no, Amazon doesn’t transfer. It’s not Ultimate Rewards. What I saw from other websites is that Chase Ink, Chase Freedom and Chase Sapphire are the Ultimate Reward cards. I’m not sure about Slate.

      1. Trav says:

        @Adam- Ok, that’s what I assumed. good to know for sure.

  3. Adam says:

    I have the Amazon card and can’t combine, have Freedom and am getting Sapphire Preferred. I am sad the 7% dividends are gone, but I got the card because of the travel rewards and 20% off redemption points. Can you explain to me the advantages of transferring points to another annual fee card on their partner 1:1 bonus instead of using the 20% discount?


    1. Trav says:

      @Adam- The value of the Sapphire Preferred is that you can then transfer those points to airlines, like United and Southwest, or hotels, like Hyatt. Or, you can use them as cash like you mentioned. The Freedom points can only be used as cash, not to transfer to airlines or hotels.

  4. Singh says:

    Thanks for the blog, its really helpful. I’ve a question. What if i transfer my freedom points to sapphire card and then later close my sapphire card account. What happens to my points? Can I bring them back to freedom?

    1. Trav says:

      @Singh- No, you’ll lose them. You need to either use them or transfer them to an airline or hotel BEFORE closing your Sapphire Preferred.

  5. Veronica says:

    After the 40,000 points from Sapphire i will earn some extra points in purchases then i will cancel it after i earn a Round ticket to Europe.Then Change to another Program from Amex or Citi. I hope in 2 years i can apply for Chase Sapphire to get the bonus to visit Dubai or China.

  6. Rob says:

    Thanks for all the great info, Trav! Quick question: I’m about to close a Biz Bold card to avoid the annual fee. If I move 100k UR points over to my Freedom card (go Premium to Limited), can I say in 2-3 months move them all from Freedom to a new Sapphire Preferred? Or, is there some limit on number of point transfers or timeframe? I just need a place to park some points while my new Sapphire is getting approved and setup. Thanks!

    1. Trav says:

      @Rob- No limit on amount of time you can move them, so yes, you can move them from premium to limited and then limited to premium. At least right now (October 2015) that will work. Of course, they can change it at any time, but as of right now, you are good to go with that.

  7. Elke says:

    Thanks for the great info, I have had a chase sapphire for a year now and loved it. I finally convinced my mom to get in the points game and she got a sapphire card a few months back. I recently checked in on how many points she had been accumulating to find out that she had not received the signup bonus–after having the card for three months and spending 15,000 dollars on it. She called to ask what had happened and she was told very curtly that she wasn’t going to get the bonus because when she signed up for sapphire she had transferred a measly 1200 freedom points from a chase freedom card that she closed when opening the sapphire. I have scoured the Internet trying to find precedent for this issue but can’t figure out what went wrong, she should get the signup bonus right? She has never had a chase sapphire before! Any help would be appreciated!

    1. Trav says:

      @Elke – Yes, she should definitely be getting the points. Just because she transferred points from the Freedom doesn’t mean she shouldn’t get the points for the Sapphire Preferred signup bonus. It states very clearly that anyone who has not had the card before is eligible for the points. I would call back up and be very clear that she never had the card before, met the spend, and should get the sign up bonus.

      Good luck!

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