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Sarah Tiedemann, author of Traveling with Baggage: A Guide for the Hesitant Hiker, has dealt with anxiety her whole life.

She didn’t let it stop her from moving to Hawaii to go to college, though! Or the subsequent travel bug.

Today Sarah joins me to chat about her experience traveling with anxiety, some of the mechanisms she uses to cope, and how you can help if you’re traveling with someone who has anxiety.

It’s not easy to travel with anxiety, but what you’ll find on the other end might just be worth the fight.

Do you get anxious when you travel? Let me know @ExtraPackofPeanuts!!

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In This Episode

  • 04:00 The beginning of anxiety for Sarah
  • 05:57 How did she end up in Hawaii?
  • 10:00 Flying & anxiety
  • 14:00 Sharing the anxiety vs keeping it to yourself
  • 18:00 As a traveling companion to someone with anxiety – how can we help?
  • 27:00 Getting outside


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