Extra Pack of Peanuts Podcast What It's Like To Get COVID In Another Country

You may be asking yourself “where the heck has EPOP been for the last few weeks?” well…Heather caught COVID. This, of course, changed everything we had planned including recording more episodes of this podcast. I went on full daddy duty while Heather had to quarantine herself away for 10 + days BUT Heather has fully recovered and we are discussing what it is like to get COVID in another country, the steps we had to take for testing, and how it affected our lives.

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In This Episode

  • 03:30 Questions About Costa Rica During COVID
  • 05:00 Catching COVID in Costa Rica
  • 06:40 Heather’s Symptoms
  • 10:10 Getting Tested & Isolating
  • 16:30 Having The Scarlet Letter
  • 19:30 Symptoms Throughout The Experience & Mental Toll
  • 25:45 Our Blessings & We Know How Fortunate We Are
  • 30:10 Prepping Whit For His COVID Test & The Flight Again
  • 32:40 Are You Comfortable With The Possible Repercussions Of Traveling Now?
  • 34:10 Do We Regret Traveling To Costa Rica


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