Extra Pack Of Peanuts Podcast Why We Traveled To Costa Rica During COVID

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If you don’t follow us on Instagram then SURPRISE we are in Costa Rica and have been for over a month and today we are talking about how we came to the decision to come down here, the preconceived notions we had about the experience during COVID, and what it is like now that we are here and have been for a few weeks. We also may drop some hints on what our plan is moving forward.

Is Costa Rica on your list of must-visit places? Have you traveled at all during the pandemic? What was your experience?  Let us know by tagging us in a post on Instagram at @ExtraPackofPeanuts.

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In This Episode

  • 06:15 Making The Decision: What Went Into It
  • 10:20 What Did We Have To Do To Be Able To Travel To Costa Rica
  • 12:20 General Safety Precautions We Took As Well
  • 14:10 Fully Booked Flights: Panic Attack Material
  • 17:00 Feeling Safer In Costa Rica
  • 20:10 Why Did We Choose Costa Rica?
  • 23:00 What Are The Plans For Your Time In Costa Rica?
  • 27:10 Why Did We Record This Episode?
  • 30:50 Traveling With Kids During COVID


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